• Easily installed to Dometic Static, Drive Away Awnings, Kampa Awning & Tent Range.
  • Adjustable 3.50m strap.
  • Supplied as a pair.
  • Provides tension to roof to help disperse water.
  • Can be left of the awning when packing down.

Dometic Storm Straps Grey


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Dometic Storm Straps Grey

Pair of supplementary storm straps. Kampa Dometic awnings are equipped with standard guy lines; however, for enhanced stability during high winds, it is recommended to use the Dometic Storm Tie Down Kit. Majority of Kampa Dometic models are fitted with additional female buckles on the awning, enabling the procurement of matching pairs of stability straps. Each strap measures approximately 3.5m in length.


  • Improves roof tension.
  • Allows water run of.
  • Installed in seconds.
  • Easily adjustable using webbing strap.
  • Supplied with elastic bands to stop over tensioning,
  • Supplied with pegs however, stronger Storm Pegs are recommended.
  • Grey colour to match Dometic All Season Awnings.


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