This easy-to-install roller blind can be fitted to your existing wall awning. Offering additional cover in a stylish, patented design.

Dometic Rollo


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Dometic Rollo

Dometic Rollo designed to fit all Dometic wall awnings with support legs.

Dometic Rollo + is an additional front or side roller blind that can be manually positioned at any height.

Its patented system makes it easy to install and its sleek, lightweight construction ensures that it can be subtly integrated into any type of awning housing.

Rollo + is available in lengths of 2.60 m, 3.00 m, 3.50 m and 4.00 m, and comes in white or grey.



2.60m, 3.00m, 3.50m, 3.75m, 4.00m


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