Kampa Cross Air TC Specs

✔️ 2 Point inflation.

✔️ Kampa Technical Cotton Fabric

✔️ Optional Annexe Available

✔️ Removable Groundsheet

✔️ Sabrelink Flex Ready

✔️ Roll to Side Front Panel

✔️ Front Canopy

✔️ Integral Blinds

✔️ Cable Entry Point

Kampa Cross Air TC Drive Away Awning 2023

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Kampa Cross Air TC Drive Away Awning

Kampa Cross Air TC Drive Away Awning new for 2023!

Experience all the features of the Kampa Cross Air coupled with an all new Technical Cotton 150D Poly Cotton fabric.

An impressive head height of 240cm also allows space for even your taller guests.

Furthermore a unique crossed air beam makes up the square shape of the awnings floor space. Inflated from just 2 points on the left side.

The impressive sized door rolls to the left and toggles simply to the attached fittings.

Also provided is a full sized groundsheet to keep you feet off the grass and ease pack down.

Integrated blinds on each door also allow privacy during day or night time.

Also available in 68D Polyester, comparatively lighter and less expensive.

Kampa Cross Air TC Fabric

Feel at home with the most popular fabric amongst tourers.

Technical Cotton fabric is comprised of 150D Poly Cotton which is a premium awning fabric. Breathable, light weight and warming. Above all it simply ticks all the boxes.

Additional Accessories

  • Inflatable Annexe 9120001242 – Extend your living area and sleep your guests with an impressive extension. A built in inner tent creates a comfortable dark sleeping environment. Only available in 68D Polyester.
  • Fleece Carpet 9120002001 – Make your Kampa Cross Air TC Drive Away awning as comfortable as your living room with a warming floor mat. Just remember to take your shoes off!
  • Footprint 9120000132 – Perfect for keeping out condensation accordingly and further waterproofing your awning.
  • Sabrelink Flex Lighting 9120000347 – Light up your awning with impressive velcro LED lights. Link up to 3 lights together and add a further 2 add on kits. Simply controlled from a single remote with a dimmer.

Kampa Cross Air TC Drive Away Awning Specification

  • Model: 9120001271
  • Material: Weathershield TC
  • Depth: 300 cm
  • Height: 210 cm
  • Width: 300 cm
  • Net weight: 21.3 kg
  • Connection height min: 180cm
  • Connection height max: 210cm

Kampa Cross Air TC Key Features

  • Sabrelink Flex Ready
  • Cable Entry Point
  • 2 Point Inflation
  • Roll to Side Front Panel
  • Blinds
  • Door in Tunnel

Whats in the Box?

  • Awning
  • Hand pump
  • Canopy Pole
  • Integrated guys lines
  • Peg pack
  • Carry Bag


Credit Kampa Outdoors

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