This caravan bike rack is designed for the installation on the A-Frame

Thule Caravan Light


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Thule Caravan Light

Thule Caravan Light is a caravan bike rack designed for the installation on the A-Frame.

The All new foam bumpers will consequently prevent your bike from being damaged during transport.

The caravan bike rack is partly tiltable able but the bikes will need to be taken off to access any storage space.

2 bikes, not extendable.

Technical Specification

Compatibility: Caravans
Mounting location: Caravan A-Frame
Load Capacity for Bikes: 2
Max bike weight: 20 kg
Max weight capacity: 40 kg
For e-bikes: ✖
Sliding rail in depth: ✖
Sliding rail left-right: ✖
Lockable bike-to-rack: ✖
Total width: 126 cm
Height: 68 cm
Depth: 32 cm
Weight: 4.7 kg
Model number: 306598


Black, Red, Blue


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