Thule Excellent Bike Rack is a premium option fom Thule. Featuring a lockable platform and reinfornced aluminium struts. Extendable up to 4 bikes with a completely movable platform.

Thule Excellent Bike Rack


Bike Rack Sizing Guide
How to measure

Bike Rack Sizing is extremely important!

If you are looking to install a bike rack to a caravan or motorhome with pre-installed rails.

You must first measure the distance between the top and the bottom rail.

If you are looking to fit a bike rack to a motorhome without pre-installed rails.

You will need a proffesional to measure up your motorhome to make sure there is provision inside the motorhome to take the weight of your desired bike rack configuaration. Many manufacturers will state a maximum loading weight for the rear of the motorhome wall.

N/AThule Excellent Standard VersionThule Excellent Short VersionThule Elite G2 Standard VersionThule Elite G2 Short VersionThule Sport G2 Standard VersionThule Sport G2 Short Version
Size80cm - 150cm60cm - 80cm80cm - 150cm50cm - 80cm80cm - 150cm40cm - 70cm
Thule Ref309821309822306560306561307126307127
Max Bikes444433
Max Load505050505050
Max Weight Per Bike303030301919
Swift Caravans AllN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Swift Escape MotorhomeN/AN/AN/AN/A
310, 325N/AN/AN/A
320, 340N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Swift BessacarrN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
412, 454 442, 494N/AN/AN/AN/A
424, 462, 484, 496N/AN/AN/A
Swift BoleroN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
714, 724N/AN/AN/A
612, 684N/AN/AN/AN/A
Swift Kon TikiN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
625, 649, 669N/AN/AN/A
635, 679N/AN/AN/AN/A

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Thule Excellent Features

Thule Excellent is ideal for e-bikes, mountain bikes and also standard bikes with a load capacity up to 60 kg.

Mounting on the back of a Swift Caravan or Motorhome is also possible with no drilling to the vehicle required.

Partially pre assembled, as a result saves valuable time on installation.

Prevents your bikes from moving during transport, therefore the platform also locks automatically. Operating the release catch on the front of the bike rack consequently lowers the platform.

Fast and easy fixation. The wheel holders are also adjustable and equipped with pump buckles.

Easy adjustable system. The rails can also move sideways, back and forward, even with your bikes on the carrier.

Fixed on the sliding rails, the wheel shoes also move from right to left for easy installation. The innovative tensioning straps with pump buckles therefore make it easy and quick to attach the wheels.

Therefore the carrier can be extended up to 4 bikes. Set for 3rd bike and set for 4th bike are also sold separately.

Lockable bike holders. To secure and lock your bikes on the carrier, the bike holders are also lockable with a key.

A top mounting rail can be purchased separately. This enables old fixings to be covered therefore no new holes have to be drilled.

The strongest rear mounted bike rack you will certainly find on the market above all competition. Thanks to the thickness of the aluminium and also the specifically designed ovular tubes.


This rack comes supplied with two top fixings & one bottom fixing rail. If preferred, a top rail can be installed to allow more scope and space for fixings inside. The bolts are able to slide along the top rail.
Some motorhomes and caravans such a Swift come supplied with pre fitted top and bottom mounting rail which takes the stress out of the installation. Allowing anyone to fit the bike rack with ease.

As this bike rack come partly pre assembled, there is very little fitting to do. You will just need a drill, spanner and also a screwdriver. Thule Excellent is a very solid bike rack designed for large mountain and electric bikes. With a maximum capacity of 50KG almost every mountain and electric bike is possible to fit on. Large wheel holders make the Thule Elite G2 a remarkably versatile bike rack. Allowing even the most awkwardly shaped bikes to be fitted securely.

Swift Motorhomes/Caravans

Thule Excellent will fit Swift group motorhomes made on or after 2016. Two sizes of this bike rack are also available meaning you will first check using our sizing guide to get the right size.

Thule Excellent Technical specifications

Compatibility: Caravans & Motorhomes
Mounting location: Rear wall
Load Capacity for Bikes: 2 (3) (4)
Max bike weight: 30 kg
Max weight capacity: 60 kg
For e-bikes: ✓
Sliding rail in depth: ✓
Sliding rail left-right: ✓
Lockable platform: Automatic
Lockable bike-to-rack: ✓
Total width: 131 cm
Height: Short Version: 60 – 80 cm Standard Version: 80 – 150 cm
Depth: 73 cm
Weight: 10.6 kg
Model number 309822


Thule is a worldwide brand specialising in many different markets throughout the world. As a company, we work very close with Thule to ensure that we can deliver the best possible customer experience from start to finish. Offering a comprehensive installation service is one of our many attributes which helps to distance ourselves from many ecommerce shops. Above all with more than 35 year of experience with the company Omnistor, we can guarantee that your vehicle is in the safest possible hands.


Thule bike racks and other products go through extremely rigorous testing procedures to ensure that your comfort is never compromised. Using the highest quality materials available coupled also with extensive market research, new product is always looming on the horizon.

For whatever reason you may feel dissatisfied with your Thule product or the service provided, please get in touch so that we can rectify this for you. If you have also recently bought this product or are about to buy this product, please feel free to leave a review down below.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Short 60cm – 80cm, Standard 80cm – 150m

Colour Finish

Anodised, Anthracite


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