Thule Omnistor 4900 Pack for Ford Custom is an all in one awning kit for vans with a standard height and wheelbase.

Thule 4200 Ford Custom Awning Pack


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Thule 4200 Ford Custom Awning Pack

Thule 4200 Ford Custom Awning Pack is now available for both short and long wheelbase Volkswagen T5 & T6 versions. Optimal styling and rugged paintwork excel this awning above the competition. Available for vans without a Reimo or California rail fitted by OEM. Awning brackets allow for a lifting roof.

Thule Omnistor 4200 is our lightest weight awning which makes it perfect for all vehicles where weight might be an issue. The reduction in weight has been achieved by making the roller tube slightly narrower, therefore does not effect the stability or build quality of the awning

The awning support legs now drop vertically to remove the risk of damaging the vehicle body when deployed. They are oval in shape which also saves some weight whilst remaining strong.

The awning fabric is high frequency welded and no longer stitched, as a result it remains strong over years to come. Furthermore a 5 ply PVC material ensures that the fabric will never rot, the top is UV treated to protect from the harsh sun rays.

Thule Omnistor 4200 introduces a new design which allows the front rail to be adjusted within the end caps, in conclusion this allows a perfect closure.

Available in 1 length and also 1 fabric option.


Thule 4200 Ford Custom Awning Pack Features

Length: 2.60m

Projection: 2.00m

Weight: 17.5kg or 19.6kg

Fixation: Rivnuts (roof needs to be drilled)

Cassette Colour: Anthracite

Fabric Colour: Mystic Grey (31)

Operation: Manual

Optional Motor: No

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Cassette Colour

Anodised, Anthracite, White


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