Thule Ladder 9 Step & Magnetic Fixation Kit


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Thule Ladder 9 Step & Magnetic Fixation Kit

Thule Ladder 9 Step & Magnetic Fixation Kit a completely multipurpose design. The ladder fixation kit can be used with the ladder or used in conjunction with Thule Windscreen or Thule Organisers!

Apply the magnetic fixation kit wherever you want on a steel surface, protect your bodywork with stickers provided.

Easy, extra-stable ladder fixation using straps with pump buckle system

Easy to mount the Thule Organisers on various positions on the vehicle sides thanks to the integrated rail.

In addition you can easily attach the Thule Windscreen to the vehicle side without drilling.

Storage bag included.

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Images and videos credit Thule NV

As seen at the NEC Motorhome Show

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Thule Fixation Kit, Thule Ladder & Fixation Kit


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