Thule Subsola Front Pack


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Thule Subsola Front Pack

Thule Subsola Front Pack is a unique offering from Thule which comprises of x2 zipped panels.

Zips on both sides of your awning front panels allow the front to be offset in either direction.

Can be combined with the Thule Subsola Side Pack for maximum protection & privacy.

Supporting pole and triangular shapes allows water to be drained off effortlessly.

Thule Subsola Front Pack Features

  • Zipped edges for maximum modularity.
  • Modern modular awning front panels for extended living space.
  • Maximum protection for both sun & rain.
  • Lightweight, breathable & water resistant fabric.
  • Front pole allows vertical adjustment for additional privacy or headroom.
  • Easily stored in a high quality bag which is supplied as standard.
  • Triangular design isnt just for aesthetic purposes, it allows many panels to be joined together to these awning front panels.

Awning Compatibility

Thule Awning Model – Thule 4200, 4900, 5102, 5200 & Thule Sidehill.

Awning Length – 2.60m

Awning Mounting Height –  180 – 199cm


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