Thule Smart Panels

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Thule Smart Panels

Thule Smart Panels are available for most Vans, Caravans & Motorhomes providing that a Thule Omnistor Awning has been installed.

Whether you are looking for protection against the Sun, Wind or Rain. Our large variety of different panels will keep you feel safe and secure from the elements.

Thule Smart Panels can be arranged in many ways and the front and sides can be joined on the Thule Rainblocker & Thule Viewblocker panels to give you Sun, Wind & Rain protection.

Thule Side Panels are incredibly easy to set up and install. On wall mounted awnings, a small green locator bracket will need to be stuck on the inside of the cassette.

On roof mounted awnings the brackets are already there to take the side panels.

Thule Front Panels just slide in to the front rail of the awning and then can either be used in conjunction with Thule Side Panels and joined with the toggles supplied or used on their own.

Thule Smart Panels

Thule Fabric Clamps

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£679.00 £577.15

Thule Room Accessories

Thule Luxury Blocker Bag

£37.62 £31.98

Thule Smart Panels

Thule G2 Sun Blocker Front

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Thule Smart Panels

Thule G2 Sun Blocker Side

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Thule Smart Panels

Thule G2 Rain blocker Front

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Thule Smart Panels

Thule Rain Blocker Sides

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Thule Smart Panels

Thule G2 View Blocker Front

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Special Offers & Limited Stock

Thule G2 View Blocker Side

£241.00 £204.85

Thule Awning Accessories

Thule Windscreen

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