Motorhome Awning Fitting Guide Introduction

Motorhome awnings come in many different forms.

From fixed handle and motor operated canopies. Through to conventional static or drive away options.

In this motorhome awning guide, we will be explaining about fixed motorhome awnings. From Thule, Dometic & Fiamma.

Thule Awnings – Leaders in design, strength and overall quality. Manufacturers of some of the best leisure products on the market today. With options for just about every vehicle type, Thule awnings are extremely versatile. In fact, the range is exceptional! Panels for just about every application.

Dometic Awnings – Newcomers on the market, Dometic offer less option to Thule but with a solid reputation to boot. Dometic awnings are probably the least compatible with other companies products but the do offer their own solutions. Please bear this in mind when making your mind up!

Fiamma Awnings – With a huge market share, Fiamma are dominent in the motorhome world! Their awnings are mostly fitted by dealerships as an affordable solution. Whilst not having the best reputation, Fiamma do have a huge range of accessories. Unfortunately they do not make many different forms of side panels. Thule Rooms and panels will fit however, their is some professional modification that needs to be done first.


Which motorhome awning is right for me?

Secondly, with so many different options to choose from, the choice can be somewhat overwhelming.

Things to consider;

  • Will you be adding side panels to your motorhome awning?
  • What kind of use will you be using it for?
  • Where would you be likely to use it?
  • How long do you usually go away for?

With much price difference between brands, it would be foolish to spend money without doing your own research first. Biggest is not always best and an expensive awning may not ever get used


Make your awning future proof

Thirdly, you might not be thinking about adding to your motorome awning right away. Within a few months or years you are probably going to want to add something to your awning.

Dometic Awnings – Individual awning panels are available such as the those listed below. Unfortunately these cannot be joined together to form a room. You can purchase a full room but this has got to be purchased all in one hit. Please also note that only Dometic products will fit their own product line.

  1. Rain Protectors
  2. Sun Protectors
  3. Dometic Rollo
  4. Camp Room

Thule Awnings – With the largest range to choose from, there is no competition for adding extra space. Over 4 different variantions of rooms are available. With the same offering of individual panels which can be joined together.

  1. G3 Residence Room
  2. Panorama Room
  3. QuickFit
  4. Veduta
  5. Smart Panels

Fiamma Awnings – With the second large range of panels available, Fiamma too offer solid options. At the budget end of things Fiamma offer a selection of individual panels as well as a full room enclosure. Thule rooms and panels will fit with some modifications.

  1. Privacy Room
  2. Fiamma Zip
  3. Front and Side Panels

What awning length shall i go for?

Adding extra space is always the first thing on anyones mind when purchasing an awning. What people don’t think about is positioning and coverage over your door.


Pilote Motorhome Awning
Pilote Sensation fitted with Thule 4.50m 5200 Awning by Rose Awnings.

The above motorhome was fitted with the maximum length awning possible. In this instance, this was the best solution. A shorter awning would have missed the front window but would have fouled the door.


Chausson Motorhome With Thule 5200 Awning
Chausson Flash Welcome fitted with a Thule 3.50m 5200 Awning by Rose Awnings

Another example of fitting is this Chausson motorhome above. As you can see, there are lots of openings to contend with. This can make you choice difficult. Sometimes there has to be a big compromise on length and what window or door you will cut over.

So what awning do we recommend?

For most motorhomes either Thule Omnistor 5200 or Thule Omnistor 6300 awnings are the best option.

This is down to both their versatility and available features.


Thule Omnistor 5200 Awning

Specifically for vehicles which require a side mounted option.

Built on the success of Thules previous awning models, Thule Omnistor 5200 really is the best of the best.

Boasting features such as integrated tension arms and an adjustable pitch. There is not a lot more available for your money from other manufacturers.

With sizes starting from 1.90m all the way up to 5.00m, there is a size to suit your motorhome.

Awning box colour is an important factor in your decision making. This can either be white, anodised or anthracite.

Fabric colour comes as a choice of two options, mystic grey or sapphire blue. For most applications, mystic grey is the go to choice.


Thule Omnistor 6300 Awning

Specifically for vehicles which require a roof mounted option.

There are not many companies that can proudly say that their products are untouchable in terms of quality. For Thule, this rings true.

With the same features as the 5200 and more! Thule Omnistor 6300 is designed for roof mounted applications. It is a popular awning for both UK & German manufacturers. Companies like Hobby, Carthago, Knaus, Autosleeper, Autotrail and many more fitting the awning as standard.

Sizes vary from 2.60m up to 5.00m with a variety of installation brackets available.


Where can i get my motorhome awning installed?

We are based in Dorset on the south coast and have been installing awnings for over 35 years!

Based out of our factory workshop, 95% of our fitting is undertaken here.

However we get to many outdoor shows where we offer an on site installation service.


Please get in touch for a quote for your motorhome awning fitting today!