• The ultimate awning accessory.
  • Quick release anchor plates allow your awning to be retracted without need to unpeg your awning.
  • Peggy pegs are x5 lighter and have up to x10 better grip than standard tent pegs.
  • Pegs are supplied with locking nuts which stop the pegs from loosening.
  • Supplied with carry bag.

Peggy Peg Fix and Go Kit


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Peggy Peg Fix and Go Kit

Peggy Peg Fix and Go Kit is the most important piece of equipment you should purchase.

Comes equipped with all the equipment you should need to anchor your awning legs.


  • Stops awning legs from sinking in to soft ground and gravel.
  • Large holes for large pegs.
  • Pegs can be locked to the plate with supplied locking nuts.
  • Allows the awning to be retracted without unpegging the awning feet. Quick release design it’s simple and intuitive.
  • Hook supplied for additional straps (sold separately).
  • Supplied with 17mm nut driver.
  • Can be used on the majority of grounds. Pilot hole is advised on hard standing.
  • Fits the majority of wind out awnings.
  • Lightweight design. Up to 5 times lighter than standard pegs.
  • Can be used as a standalone anchor for storm straps.

Peggy Peg Fix and Go Kit Technical Spec

  • Material: PA with fibreglass(Screw-in pegs + T-handle), Aluminium (Hit-in Screw-out Hardcore Peggys + Adapter)
  • Length: so
  • Wrench size: 17mm
  • Torque: varies
  • Content: 1 set
  • Packaging: 85x55x25cm
  • Weigth: 1,183kg


  • 6 x Peg&Stop S 16cm
  • 6 x locknuts
  • 4 x HP Hit-in screw-out Hardcore pegs 15cm
  • 2 x Screw-in pegs Long 32cm
  • 6 x L Hooks
  • 2 x Fix&Go Anchor Plates 2.0
  • 2 x Stormhooks
  • 1  x Combination tool with Alu-Adapter
  • 1 x bag orange


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