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Motorhome WiFi

Best Mobile WiFi for Motorhomes

Motorhome WiFi is the only mobile WiFi system you need to consider when looking for WiFi in your motorhome.

Both 4G & 5G units can be installed on most motorhomes, caravans and van conversions.

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  • Experience unparrelled network speeds.
  • Extend your WiFi range & coverage with the best aerials on the market.
  • Technical support available from Rose Awnings.

Motorhome WiFi Aerials

5G Antenna

Latest in advanced antenna design with patented technology.

5G Pro antenna achieves 20% greater gain across the 4G spectrum whilst also being fully compatible with all 5G bands.

The 5G antenna is available with a choice of routers. Ranging from small, discreet portable router to a larger fixed versatile package for larger vehicles. Available with additional features and functionality.

  • Can be used with all available routers, tailored to your own needs.
  • Fastest possible 4G/5G speeds.
  • Easily upgraded to 5G compatible router in future if 4G router is selected.
  • Available in black or white finish.
  • Over 82% of the UK now has 5G available.
  • Aerodynamic design.

4G Antenna

At just 62mm high (2.4”) the roof antenna sits lower than your skylights. The underside consists of a 3M adhesive and an adjustable threaded internal brace. This allows the cable to travel into the cabin for a totally weatherproof installation.

Once the antenna is fitted, there is no need for any additional Sikaflex or sealant, the aerial is totally sealed.

Please refer to fitting instructions regarding anti-hale coating on some vehicles which may need extra care when fitting.

The antenna maintains a high level of performance even when mounted on a non-metallic surface. This includes coach built motorhomes or caravans due to its unique ground plane independent design.

  • Sleek aerial, only 66mm high.
  • Rated to IP66.
  • Fully certified LTE 2G/3G/4G.
  • Aerodynamic design.
  • Only suitable for 4G routers.
  • Available in white or black finish.

Shark Aerial

The 4G Shark Compact Roof Antenna is discreet and has a low visual impact, It is ground plane independent. Significant improvement over the performance of your mobile phone, even in remote and rural locations.

The Shark can even be mounted on top of a pop top roof due to minimal height and sleek styling.

  • Best suited for VW conversions & smaller campervans.
  • Compact aerodynamic design.
  • Fully certified LTE 2G/3G/4G.
  • Only suitable for 4G Routers.

Motorhome WiFi Routers

4G Flex Router

Greater external range for larger vehicles or commercial and business use.

The larger, domestic style router in the Flex package is ideal for customers who require wired connections or extended WiFi range.

Increasingly, users who wish to run a business or work from their van choose to take this package. Advanced features and functionality provides a connection for up to 64 devices.

Typical installations include larger vehicles, American RV’s or commercial use such as events or at showgrounds.

Also for users who wish to work from their vehicle whilst away.

What’s the benefit of CAT 7?

Many 4G masts output a long range and short range signal to provide coverage to handsets both near and far away. With an antenna, you can often reach the short range signal, but a CAT 4 router can only connect to one or the other.

A CAT 7 router can connect to both simultaneously, and combine them to deliver up to twice the download speed. This isn’t just about maximum top speed.

If the area is congested (too many users) this can make a real difference in the overall capacity.

Many of our customers also use a cellular connection as their home broadband connection. Choosing this system gives you the flexibility of enjoying reliable connectivity at home or away.

  • Vehicle or Home Use
  • Slim Wall Cradle
  • 300Mbps CAT 7
  • 4G LTE+ with Carrier Aggregation
  • 64 Wireless Devices, 4 Wired
  • 50-100m WiFi Range
  • LED Status Lights
  • Easy to use smart phone app

4G Compact Ultra Router

Introducing the new 4G Ultra router. Designed to meet the needs of the most advanced users, keep connected while on the move.

Whether you’re streaming TV content, conducting business, or travelling to remote locations across the UK and Europe. This router is perfect for two or more users.

The 4G Ultra router is discreetly fitted on the quick mount docking station. This acts as a termination point for the roof antenna and a charging point for the router.

Providing WiFi throughout your vehicle, whether it’s stationary or in motion. Easily hidden inside a cupboard or locker.

You can manage the device easily via the on screen display.

Download the free app onto your phone or tablet to access data management tools, change passwords, and advanced settings.

Additionally, you can pair this router with our 4G Smart or bestselling 5G Ready roof antenna for an even better experience.

Featuring an LCD colour display and Qualcomm chipset, the 4G Ultra router is easy to use and delivers impressive performance.

With secure wireless connectivity, it can achieve download speeds for up to 32 devices, catering to the most demanding users.

4G Ultra router features carrier aggregation technology, creating multiple, simultaneous connections to the mobile network. Providing increased speed and capacity and also a more reliable connection to combat network congestion.

All of our 4G and 5G packages now offer this advanced technology.

Our bestselling 4G Compact and 4G Compact+ routers have been replaced by the faster, more advanced 4G Ultra router, equipped with a colour LCD display.

Choose the 4G Ultra router for unbeatable connectivity and performance while on the go.

  • Compatibility: 2G/3G/4G/4G+
  • Vehicle or Portable Use
  • Quick Mount Docking Station
  • CAT 12 – 600Mbps Download
  • 4G LTE+ with 3 x Carrier Aggregation
  • 32 Wireless Devices
  • 25-50m WiFi Range
  • 1.44″ LCD On-Screen Display
  • Easy to use smart phone app

5G Compact Pro Router

Our industry leading router brings you the fastest 4G and 5G speeds, now.

The 5G Compact Pro router has an impressive high-level specification offering.

Giving the most advanced users everything they need to stay connected whilst travelling.

Ideal for 2 or more users, streaming TV content and business use in rural and remote locations across the UK and Europe.

With its LCD touch screen interface and colour display the Compact Pro is both easy to use and packed with performance.

Providing a secure wireless connection and achieving incredible download speeds for up to 32 devices and one wired device.

Delivering for even the most demanding users.

Fastest 4G connection, fully futureproof for 5G compatibility.

The UK’s 5G coverage increased exponentially during 2023, with Ofcom estimating that 5G is now available outside of 82% of premises in England.

Rural 5G is progressing also, with networks now able to broadcast 5G on low frequency 4G bands which is crucial to remote coverage.

Demand on mobile networks is increasing. Sometimes it’s not just about getting a strong signal, but competing with the number of other devices.

The fastest Category 22 4G will rival the latest smartphones. This router can establish upto 7 simultaneous download and 3 upload connections.

  • 2G/3G/4G/4G+/5G
  • Fastest possible 4G and 5G Speeds
  • LTE CAT 22 – 3.8Gbps Download
  • Touch Screen Menu & Colour Display
  • Advanced 4500mAh Battery
  • 32 Wireless Devices
  • 25-50m WiFi Range
  • Small Compact Design
  • Easy to use smart phone app

Available Accessories for Motorhome WiFi Units

Stand Off Roof Bracket

Specifically designed for van conversions and tight installations.

The roof bracket is designed to sit over or between roof ridges allowing for a clean install.

High quality lightweight aluminium powder coated stand off bracket to allow a surface mount installation. The footprint is not much larger than the antenna itself.

Stand-off Roof Mount for surface mounting is compatible with:

  • 4G Smart Antenna
  • 5G Ready Antenna

PVC Foam Ridge Adapter

Made from EPDM compression foam. Allows for a neat surface mounted install.

Thick foam pad adapter for ridged or uneven mounting surfaces.

Only available for the following Aerials:

  • 4G Aerial

Roof Thread Extension

Roof Thread Extension Kits suitable for all roof thicknesses

It’s worth noting that all of our 4G Smart and 5G Ready Products come with a 70mm roof thread extenion.

This standard accomodates most motorhome, caravan and panel vans.

If you are converting your own panel van, you may wish to opt for the 40mm thread extension as this is more suited to a sheet metal installation

American RV’s and some coachbuilt motorhomes have thicker insulation and therefore generally require a longer thread extension to accomodate this.

Antenna SMA Cable Connections

High performance low loss SMA Cable extensions compatible with:

  • 4G Smart Antenna
  • 5G Ready Antenna
  • Rural Broadband Antennas


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