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  • Enough pegs for a medium sized caravan awning or a large motorhome awning.
  • Supplied with N hooks for pegging ladders.
  • x5 lighter and up to x10 better grip compared to standard tent pegs.
  • Carry bag included.
  • Comes with x2 pre drill bits for compacted ground.

Peggy Peg Start Kit


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Peggy Peg Start Kit

Peggy Peg Start Kit is the only set of pegs you will need to your caravan awning or motorhome awning room.

Supplied with 50 pegs and accessories to ensure your awning goes nowhere!

Extremely lightweight design. Up to 5 times lighter than a standard tent peg.

Designed to be used with a cordless drill. Makes pegging more enjoyable and much quicker.


  • Up to x5 lighter than standard tent pegs.
  • Durable PA & fibreglass material designed for continued use.
  • More than enough pegs for a medium size caravan awning or a large motorhome awning.
  • Supplied with x2 pilot drill for harder pitches.
  • Up to x10 better grip than a standard tent peg.
  • Suitable for most ground types including sand, gravel and grass.
  • N hooks designed for unrivalled grip to pegging ladders.
  • Pegs can sit virtually flat with the ground, brightly coloured to eliminate accidents.
  • Supplied with sturdy carry bag.
  • X3 differently sized pegs are ideal for all awning setups.

Peggy Peg Start Kit Tech Spec

  • Material: PA with fibreglass (Everything apart from the adapter), Aluminium (Adapter)
  • Length: s.o.
  • Wrench size: 17mm
  • Torque: varries
  • Contents: 1 Set
  • Packaging: 85x55x25cm
  • Weight: 1,45kg


  • 30 x Screw-in pegs N 20cm 
  • 30 x N Hooks
  • 20 x Screw-in pegs S 12cm
  • 2 x PreDrill 6 und 10mm
  • 1  x Combination tool with alloy-adapter
  • 1 x bag blue

1 review for Peggy Peg Start Kit

  1. andrewginever (verified owner)

    Good quality and very light weight which is a huge bonus.

    The only issues I have found when using them is:
    Firstly, if you’re putting a lot of these into the ground, the tiny handle provided can cause a painful experience, particularly if the ground is not really soft;
    And secondly, providing the pre-drill pieces is great, as I’ve found even if the ground is only moderately hard, pre drilling can be needed. However the need to carry round a heavy electric drill and hope the battery holds out is a disadvantage, hence only 4 star.
    Could have done with some sort of drill piece with integrated handle.

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