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Thule, a buyers guide

The THULE brand is causing massive waves in the Motorhome & Caravan industry and it comes down to quality backed up with the THULE Bring It 2 Year Guarantee. Whilst bolstering a fantastic warranty, our own fitting is guaranteed for life giving you peace of mind and confidence in our own abilities when fitting your Thule motorhome awning.  

THULE Awnings

THULE have improved on the Omnistor brand which was taken over many years ago. Since they have also brought in their experience to the product they have bolstered what was already a quality brand to a brand that is unparalleled by any other.  

THULE Omnistor 5200 Awning

Thule Rv  

Tension Arms

Replacing the now dated tension rafters, Thule have introduced tension arms that are fitted to awnings over 4.00m in length as standard. Not only does this mean that you don’t have to carry an extra pole in your motorhome but it also means that your Thule motorhome awning is protected from the wind on both sides rather than just the centre. The tension arms can also be retro-fitted to smaller awnings for a fraction of the price of a tension rafter.

Thule LED Lighting

An optional non drilling rail can be slid in to the underside of the awning. Providing a weatherproof housing to fit your LED lighting, easily hiding cables out of sight and completing the aesthetics of the awning housing. This rail also comprises of a channel that can be used in conjunction with Thule Quickfit, Easylink Tents as well as the Thule Shoe & Wall Organisers! This rail is fitted so tight back to the motorhome that there is virtually no gap when using a tent in conjunction.

Fabric Tensioning System

Thule have introduced a special profile that keeps the awning roller tube straight. What is the advantage of this you might wonder? The fabric tensioning system stops the bow of the roller tube in the centre which usually causes the fabric to sag in the middle. Not only does it keep your awning material taught it helps to stop pooling of water in the centre of the awning! We would always advise to drop one side of the awning to allow the rain to run off.

Rain Gutter

The Thule Omnistor 5200 has a rain gutter on the very front edge of the awning front rail which allows the rain to run off freely. This also goes a long way to helping water build up in the centre of the awning.

Awning Pitch Adjustment

Have you ever had a problem with the awning hitting your door when you have had the awning out a fraction? Many people have and Thule have found a solution by making the pitch of the Thule motorhome awning adjustable. This can be altered by using the supplied bolts on the awning arm block, turning clockwise raises the awning and anti-clockwise lowers the awning.

Awning Closure Adjustment

As well as having a pitch adjustment, Thule have introduced another amazing piece of engineering. The awning closure adjustment allows you to correctly align the awning if ever the awning was to stick out further on one side compared to the other. By tightening the alan keyed bolt you are pulling the awning front rail tighter to the awning casing allowing a perfect and sleek closure.


Thule Omnistor 1200 Awning

Thule Omnistor 4900  

Ratchet Tensioning Arms

The all new ratchet system is designed to keep the fabric tight and the arms locked in the desired position. As the awning legs and the awning arms are interlocked the awning is extremely strong when erected. Over time PVC material will stretch when used in the sun and the ratchet arms allow for this and will always keep your awning material tight as possible.

5 Ply PVC Material

Both the awning bag and awning material are made from only the best quality material. The material can be used in wet conditions and can be stored when wet thanks to the rot proof finish. We advise that you air the awning at your nearest convenience to allow the material to dry.


THULE Bike Racks

Thule have always been the leading brand if ever you wanted to carry bikes on the roof or tow ball of your car. Now Thule have their own rails pre-fitted to Swift Caravans & Motorhomes as standard. This allows the customer to easily fit a preassembled bike rack to their vehicle!


THULE Excellent

Thule Excellent Bike Rack

The leading bike rack on the market in both build quality & strength. The Thule Excellent is designed to carry 2 electric bikes or 4 standard mountain bikes. The bike rack comes with 2 rails as standard but can be extended to 4 when required.

Lockable Platform

The Thule Excellent introduces a self locking platform that engages when the bike rack is lowered in to the carrying position. This stops the bikes bouncing around when the vehicle is in transit allowing a smooth ride for your beloved bikes.

Anti Theft

Thule have also introduced lockable bike holders as standard so that you can feel more secure about leaving your bikes and other equipment on the back of your vehicle. These bike holders come with two keys as standard and can be replaced at any time if you were to lose both keys.

Sliding Wheel Holders

Thanks to the updated design on the wheel holders, the feet can be positioned as close to the wheels as possible eliminating the possibility of movement on the bike rack. The wheel holders are fitted back ratchet straps which make securing the bike wheels much easier than before whilst adding to the overall strength.  

Thule Elite Van XT

Thule Van Project  

Non Drilling Application

Thanks to the special clamping system on the Thule Van XT. There is no need to drill in to the bodywork of your Fiat Ducato. The clamps simply fit over each side of the right hand door on your vehicle and tighten with a 5mm Alan Key. Stickers on the edge of each door protect your paintwork.

Easily Removed

The bike rack can easily be detached if not required and the clamp bars left on the rear door.

Two Paint Finishes

The Thule Van XT now comes in either a black or anodised finish to match your paintwork. This is the very first bike rack in the line to have an option on the paint finish.

Thule Sliding Wheel Holders

Thanks to the updated design on the wheel holders. The feet can also be positioned as close to the wheels as possible. Eliminating the possibility of movement on the bike rack. The wheel holders are fitted with ratchet straps. This makes securing the bike wheels much easier than before, whilst adding to the overall strength.



All images credit to Thule NV

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