• This motorhome and caravan awning by Dometic has extremely quick pitching time of just 10 minutes!
  • Huuge 275cm depth.
  • Single point inflation with several deflation points.
  • Suitable for both caravans and motorhomes.
  • Dual Pitch roof for perfect pitching.
  • On display in our factory showroom!


Dometic Club Air Awning 2024


Static Awning Measuring
How to measure


An inflatable awning is the perfect accessory for your motorhome. Whether it’s a place to lose your wet coat and muddy shoes, an extra sleeping area for guests, or a luxurious extension of your motorhome’s living space, a Kampa Dometic awning is key to many happy vacations and breaks away.

The team here at Kampa Dometic have put our heads together and come up with some top tips to ensure you find the perfect awning for your motorhome.

Motorhome Awnings

Attach by simply sliding the keder into your motorhome’s cassette awning or fixed awning rail. You must take the awning down before you go exploring in your motorhome.

A: The height to the awning rail from the ground is crucial to determine which height of awning will best suit your motorhome. Ensure you measure from level ground without chocks. Kampa Dometic awnings are available in three different heights;

  • S: 235-265cm (fits Caravans too).
  • M: 265-295cm.
  • L: 295-325cm.

B: The length of the awning rail determines which size of awning you can purchase. You must have enough awning rail to accommodate the size of Kampa Dometic awning that you wish to buy.

C: The distance between the top of your door and the awning rail. Kampa Dometic awnings require 15cm between the door and awning rail. This allows enough space for an AirPole to fit against the motorhome without interfering with the door.

D: The distance between the end of the awning rail and the edge of the door. Ensure you have enough space to allow for the rear sealing pad of the of your awning to fit between the edge of the door and the end of the awning rail. We recommend at least 25cm for Kampa Dometic static awnings.

Caravan Awnings

Attach by simply sliding the keder into your caravan’s awning rail.

A: The height to the awning rail from the ground. Measure this to ensure your vehicle attachment height is within the tolerances our caravan awnings allow for. Kampa Dometic awnings are suitable for caravans with attachment heights between 235-250cm.
Note: If your A measurement is greater than 250cm consider one of our static motorhome awnings, available in a range of heights up to 310cm.

B: The length of the straight section of awning rail. This measurement determines which size awning you can purchase. Kampa Dometic awnings are not suitable for curved or bent sections of awning rail. E.g. An Ace AIR Pro 400 requires a minimum of 400cm of straight awning rail.

C: The distance between the end of the straight section of awning rail and the edge of the door. Ensure you have enough space to allow for the rear sealing pad of the of your awning to fit between the edge of the door and the end of the straight section of awning rail. We recommend at least 25cm.
Note: The awning can cross a window, whilst it may obstruct usage it will not damage the window or effect the awning’s performance.

Shipping Currently 2-3 days

Next day shipping can be arranged, please call 01202 620427

Dometic Club Air Awning

Dometic Club Air designed exclusively for caravans and also motorhomes. Top of the range whilst boasting an array of new features. Made in either the iconic Weathershield Pro or the extremely durable Weathershield All Season Fabric.

Whilst we only have a limited range of inflatable awnings. We only pick a handful which we trust. The Dometic Club Air is one of the most premium that money can buy.

This motorhome and caravan awning by Dometic is uniquely available in both a static and drive away variant with 4 sizes and 2 fabrics to choose from!


Single Point Inflation

Firstly it allows the user to inflate the awning from a single valve. Secondly it also makes setting up the Dometic Club Air much easier as you can further control the flow of air with a series of valves. Once you have inflated the first section, just open the next valve so that the air can flow! Quick release deflation valves are also situated throughout the awning. Lastly it makes getting the awning back in to the bag much easier.

Air Frame Construction

Made from extremely durable TPU material which allows a maximum of 22 PSI. However, only 9 PSI is recommended for every day use. Each air pole is covered by a reinforced laminated Oxford Polyester cover. This helps to protect against harsh UV rays which above all can damage the air poles.

Reliable Technology

Once known as Kampa, Dometic now carry the brand and with it the reputation. As a result each air pole is well protected and also require no scheduled maintenance. Suitable for use in climates with fluctuating temperatures.

Dual Keder Connection

Many manufacturers of both caravans and motorhomes use different sizes of channel which means in most cases, adaptation kits are also required. Dometic have come up with a solution to this problem whilst integrating 2 sizes of beading into one awning. This allows the end user to connect to their vehicle hassle free!

Multi Height System

Probably the most iconic and also  unique feature of the Dometic Club Air Awning. The multi height system integrated in to the awning sides. This gives the awning a unique height range of 30cm! This can also be useful if you are using a self levelling system or you are looking to change your vehicle.

Apex Ventilation

Each side panel has a unique pocket for improved airflow. Triangular in design the apex allows unrivalled comfort inside whilst allowing air to escape.

Interchangable Side Panels

Side panels can easily be swapped to change the door position. As a result, each panel can be individually removed.

Sabre Link Ready

Get ready to light up your awning with the Dometic Sabre Link lighting. Integrated on the roof of the awning.

Dometic Club Air Fabric

With its roof apex and integral canopy, the Club AIR is instantly recognisable. Zip-on extensions to either or both sides creates a huge living space, perfect for all day entertainment.

Weathershield All Season Fabric

Ultra rugged and UV resistant all season material, perfect for touring in summer in the UK or warmer climates like Spain, Portugal etc. Usually used on seasonal pitches, the fully breathable fabric is also designed to handle extreme temperatures. This fabric has been tested in the wettest parts of Europe and also the sunniest parts of Australia as a result will never let you down.

Weathershield Pro

The iconic Dometic fabric used throughout the awning range has proved itself in diverse environments. With the look and also feel of a traditional awning fabric whilst weighing far less, Weathershield Pro is notably one of the best choices when it comes to choosing what fabric is right for you.

Optional Accessories

Looking for a future proof awning with a ton of optional extras? Look no further, Dometic Club Air Pro and All Season are perfect options for those looking for as many options as possible.


A simple but smart accessory which also zips on the the face of the awning. Giving an impressive space and a brilliant spread of preotection.

Side Extension

Looking for extra space? This extension allows you to also attach another 1.90m of space! Perfect for a sleeping quarters and also another entertainment area for the kids! Can be used on both sides of the awning.

Side Wing

Similar to the front canopy, the side wing allows protection from either side of the awning.

Other Accessories

Mesh panels, carpets, inner tents and many more accessories also available!

Dometic Club Air Specification

  • Size: 330cm | 390cm | 440cm
  • Annexe Available: Yes 2
  • Single Point Inflation: Yes
  • Pitching type: Touring
  • Storm Straps: Included
  • Integral Inflatable Canopy: Included
  • Height Range: 235cm – 325cm
  • Curtains: Included
  • Accessory track ready
  • Pegs, pump and carry bag included.


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Need extra space? Awnings extensions found here.




Weathershield Pro, Weathershield All-Season


S, M, L


260, 330, 390, 440


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