4 Small Caravan Awning Recommendations from Rose Awnings

Thule Quickfit Sunblocker

As specialists in caravan and motorhome awning installations, Rose Awnings is committed to providing quality solutions to enhance your recreational vehicle experience. Understanding the unique needs of those seeking small caravan awnings, our selection includes top brands known for their durability, ease of use, and sophisticated design. Here are four recommendations from our experts, which stand out for their exceptional qualities and features.

  1. Thule Omnistor 1200: This lightweight awning is an excellent choice for small caravan owners seeking both style and functionality. With its simple one-off installation, the Thule Omnistor 1200 doesn’t add unnecessary setup time once on site and offers an exclusive fabric tensioning system with pump-buckle technology.
  2. Thule QuickFit Tent: Thule QuickFit presents an advantageous option for those seeking a lighter alternative to cumbersome inflatable awnings. With a convenient and efficient setup process, it is designed as a single piece, eliminating the need for poles. With its integrated front canopy, the tent not only adds a contemporary touch but also provides shade. The combination of black, grey, and white creates a modern aesthetic, a perfect small caravan awnings essential
  3. Dometic Leggera Air Awning: The Dometic Leggera Air Awning boasts one of the fastest Kampa Dometic awning to set up and take-down with its Ultra-lightweight Weathershield™ 150D material and a rigid Single Point Inflation AirFrame  With great features such as single point inflation, storm straps, lots of ventilation, and an optional canopy guarantee the Leggera AIR is ideal for tourers seeking a great value, lightweight awning. 
  4. Dometic Rally Air Pro Static: Our final small caravan awning recommendation is the Dometic Rally Air Pro Static. This is one of our most popular inflatable awning option for caravans and can be pitched in 10 minutes of less! The iconic Dometic Rally Air Pro benefits from years of continuous design improvements and is packed full of the latest awning innovations such as the convenience and ease with single point inflation yet also offering multiple deflation points. On top of this, the Apex Ventilation ensures proper air circulation, keeping the interior fresh and comfortable.

Each of these recommendations brings unique features suitable for different needs and preferences among small caravan awnings

At Rose Awnings, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of high-quality awnings and our expertise in providing tailored advice, ensuring you find the perfect awning for your caravan or motorhome.

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