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Thule Panorama Features

Thule Panorama Room is our top of the range room system. Boasting both incredible design and also quality.

Uniquely breathable material allows no moisture to settle on the teflon like coating.


Truly stunning views are possible thanks to panoramic windows. These are attached to arched panels that can be rolled sideways or zipped out entirely.

Windows that can be rolled upwards and provide a mosquito mesh for ventilation while keeping an element of privacy.

Made from polyester material with an AirTex coating allow almost no moisture to be absorbed.

A wind slip is provided. This does not include an attachment to the vehicle, except the Ducato Model. We can also provide soft rubber suckers, these do not require drilling to the vehicle. Alternatively this can be fitted on a rail.


Comprised of the same profiles as Thule G3 Residence Room optimal strength is achieved via clamping profiles that suspend the side sheets.

Rubber mast profiles seal between the motorhome and the back of the side sheet providing an incomparable seal to the vehicle.

A brace is included to support both profiles and add to the overall rigidity.


We believe that between Thule G3 Residence and Thule Panorama room, there is no stronger system on the market.

Tested in gale force winds, there is no possibility that you will take it down in bad weather. Tried and tested at each of our motorhome & caravan exhibitions, on the windiest of showgrounds.


As there are many different models available, weight does vary. Generally the weight is 32kg, split between 2 bags.

Thule Panorama Room is in fact the lightest of Thule long stay rooms. Whilst maintaining market leading strength for motorhome & caravan rooms.


On newer models of Thule awnings, brackets are pre fitted inside the awning cassette. Depending on your model, these brackets need a single screw to fit.

We can provide a fitting and demonstration service at our premises in Poole, Dorset. As the wind slip provides no attachment, we can also tailor this to suit your specific vehicle for a fee.


Instructions for this room can be found below. Please also see the video below which shows the installation of the Thule Panorama Room. Please note that this video shows the one off installation. Shown on a Thule Omnistor 5200 awning. As you may not have this exact awning, please refer to the instruction manual as brackets can vary.






Thule Awnings Rooms and other products go through extremely rigorous testing procedures. These ensure that your comfort is never compromised. Using the highest quality materials available, coupled with extensive market research. New product is always looming on the horizon.

In the event that you may feel dissatisfied with your Thule product, or the service provided please get in touch. And we can rectify this for you. If you have recently bought this product or are about to buy this product, please feel free to leave a review down below.


Thule Panorama Technical specifications

Compatibility: Caravans, Motorhomes and Vans.
Awning fit: 5200, 5500, 6002, 5003, 6900, 5002, 8000, 9200, 6200.
Min mounting height: 2.30 m.
Max mounting height: 2.75 m.
Stay: Short/Long.
Set-up time: Fast.
Materials: Airtex breathable material.

Furthermore if you wish to see one set up or erected, please make an appointment to visit our showroom in Poole, Dorset.

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Images and videos credit Thule NV

As seen at the NEC Motorhome Show

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Awning Model

5003/5200, 6002/6200, 6900/8000, 9200, Ducato H2

Mounting Height

Medium 2.30m – 2.44m, Large 2.45m – 2.59m, X Large 2.60m – 2.74m, Ducato H2 2.30m – 2.50m

Awning Length

3.00m, 3.25m, 3.50m, 3.75m, 4.00m, 4.25m, 4.50m, 5.00m, 5.50m, 6.00m


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