A Brief History of Omnistor

Since launching the Safari Room in the early eighties Omnistor has become a household name. In recent years, Thule have taken over the brand and transformed it in to something special. Recent advances in engineering have seen the Safari Room transform from a good room to a excellent product that not only doubles your living area, it provides you with comfort and confidence you need even when the weather doesn’t.

Thule G3 Residence Room

The latest room that has been introduced by Thule has made waves in both the caravanning and motorcaravanning industry.

Featuring brand new colours, it falls in line with other Thule products sporting the black, white & grey fabric colours.

Stability is what separates the Thule G3 Residence Room from the competition. Featuring soft rubber profiles attached to an aluminium extrusion, the attachment to the vehicle wall is seamless. Clamping profiles ensure a tight and weatherproof seal between the top of the side sheet and the awning roof. Finished off with a bracing bar that holds the two profiles firmly in place.



Thule Panorama Room

Improving the Thule G3 Residence Room was no easy task for Thule. Advancements made were nothing short of brilliant.

Utilising the same profiles, Thule Panorama Room has not only the same stability but improved lightweight material treated with AirTex which is very similar to teflon. This makes the material as watertight as the thicker PVC material whilst remaining easier to handle. The treated polyester material is breathable making Thule Panorama the perfect room for all weather conditions.

Replacing the connecting profile which joins the front panel to the side panel removes the need to carry extra weight and extra poles. Zips made by YKK have made this possible, saving time when setting up and extra weight.

Large panoramic windows give you the best view of your surroundings, whilst the curved archways make for pleasant viewing when looking back at your vehicle.




In most cases, installation is required before either rooms can be erected. We offer both an installation & demonstration service where required. If you would like a quote on this service, please get in contact via our contact page.