Dometic Awnings are now available to purchase though our webstore. Introducing Dometic Perfect Wall and Perfect Roof awnings. 

For many years we have been supplying the trade with Thule Omnistor awnings and rooms. This has not and will not change. To put it simply, we are expanding and offering more products within our own range.

A few years ago, Dometic Awnings were known as Prostor. This company would founded by the creator of Omnistor, now Thule Omnistor.

Since then, a lot has changed. Both in design and development. Dometic has taken a good product and made it brilliant. Offering certain features that cannot be found on a Thule Omnistor Awning.

Dometic Awning Features

Patented Tension Rafters

Dometic Awnings like the PW1100 model come with there own integral tension rafter. This slides back and forth inside the front rail. Eliminating the possibility of damage to the rafter. Lastly, the rafter is out of the way and not rolling around in the back of your van.

- - Dometic Awning - 28 46 Dometic Gf 3 Pw 1100 Patetensraft 62846 11Aluminium End Caps

Unlike other awning brands. Dometic uses only aluminium ends on its premium range of awnings. This adds to the lifespan of the awning whilst being a pleasure on the eye.

- - Dometic Awning - 28 41 Dometic Pw 1100 9103104252 62841 11Wind Sensor

A wind sensor is available on the 12v line of Dometic Awnings. This allows the awning to retract when it feels vulnerable to the wind.

Dometic Awning MotorPatented Easy Lock

Another advantage of having a Dometic awning is the easy lock system. This is very similar to Thule Omnistor leg catches but with one big difference. A captive plastic slider which when engaged stops the leg flipper from being engaged by accident.

- - Dometic Awning - 28 48 Dometic Tf Pw 1100 62848 11

Dometic Awning Buying Guide

What Dometic Awning is compatible with my vehicle?

There is no perfect size of awning as this comes down to how, where and when you will be using it. Fitment is crucial and sometimes best left to a professional. This is where we come in.

With over 35 years of experience in the trade and over 25 years of trading. We we alway give you every option available when making the big jump and having your awning fitted.

  • Do you have sufficient space above your door?
  • Do you have an awning rail fitted already which might be in the way.
  • Is there a purpose made bracket already for my van? 

These are all questions that are very relevant when making your decision.

Motorised or manual Dometic awning?

This comes down to personal preference really. 90% of the awnings we fit are manual. This is probably down to them being so easy to use with a handle. This shouldn’t put you off your decision to have a motor as you may have a disability or just simply want an easier life!

Will you be travelling on your own or with your partner or friend?

Supported or self supported?

Dometic Awnings are the only awnings currently on the market that have a self supporting version!

Does this mean you need it? Well firstly you need a motorhome that has a strong enough structure to support it. Most German vans and some British vans fall in to this category.

Secondly how will you be using your awning? Rain protection off you door or fully out? We suggest having a supported version in most cases although. If you are only looking to have your awning partially out then self supporting would be a better option.

Looking to add a room?

Each awning comes with its own compatible room. For the self supported model Perfect Wall 3500 you will require ‘My Room’.

For every other awning model you will require the ‘Camp Room’ model.


All awnings in the Dometic range are suitable to be used around the world. Common sense often prevails when deciding when to have you awning out and put away.


Firstly we advise strongly against leaving the awning unattended as they only take minutes to put away.


Secondly, all of the awnings in the range have been tested in extreme temperatures ranging from -20C to 40C. Giving you confidence in the product you are buying.


Thirdly, all awnings are generally used for sun protection, they do have there own use in rain. You must be sure to support you awning with legs and tie down where possible. Tilting the awning slightly will also allow the water to run off.

Storm conditions

Finally, in no way do we advocate leaving your awning out on its own in any circumstance. With a room attached and sufficient pegging, yes this is not a problem.

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